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2nd International Web Concert Hall Classical Bayan-Accordion Competition
New York , USA

Founders and Organizers

- The competition is being run by the American corporation: Shpak International, Inc.


- To find and help gifted musicians
- To exchange creative experience and to raise the level of performances
- To provide an objective judging to the maximum ability possible


- As long as all the rules and guidelines are followed, all soloists can partake in this competition.
- There are no age limitations in the competition.


- To work in the jury of this competition, the organizing committee invites known highly skilled musicians. (There will be no chairman of the jury in this competition)
- Members of the jury cannot rate participants from their own country or region - looked over by the organizing committee
- The sole purpose of the jury is to give a score to the participants
Rules of the competition
- The competition is held by video-recordings of the competition programs in 2 rounds:

* 1st round: qualifying

§ Is held by video-recordings between March 1 through March 31, 2009

* 2nd round: final

§ Will be held online between May 1 through May 31, 2009

- The competition will be held anonymously: until the results are submitted, the organizing committee guarantees anonymity to every participant - no one from the jury will have the right to communicate with other members of the jury, and will not know any personal information about the participant, other than the number given to that participant and their program.
- Members of the jury will only be able to hear the performance without seeing the video, which will temporarily be replaced with a colored bar. The same kind of video will be available for viewing on the internet.
- All names of the members of the jury, all winners and prize receivers of the competition of 2008 shall be published.

Competition program

- The participant shall present a program, which shows their individual views.
- The compositions have to be of an academic genre - arranged from classical and modern chamber music, as well as, compositions specifically written for bayan/accordion in traditional classical form.
- The main criteria for grading the participants will be the uniqueness of the musical thinking, artistic impression, and mastery of the instrument.
- The whole program cannot exceed 30-40 minutes.

Prizes and awards

- The total fund for the prizes is $5000.
- Diplomas and prizes with the title of "Winner", "Laureate", "Top 10 Finalist", or "Prize Holder" of the competition will be given out.
- A published DVD with video recordings used in the competition.
- The organizing committee has the right to:
* award a monetary prize to numerous participants
* to not award a monetary prize to anybody
* to award special diplomas and prizes.

Guidelines for the video-recordings

- Video recordings should be made in the period from January 1 until December 31 of 2008.
- The recordings will be accepted ONLY on digital tapes: miniDV, DVCam, and HDV.
- Each tape must contain only one participant.
- The recording must start at the beginning of the tape.
- The recording has to be of good quality (from a studio or public place) - preferably with use of professional audio microphones and professional video cameras.
- Announcing of the program with a voice and using titles is not allowed
- Use of audio dubbing is not allowed
- The quality of the audio portion of the video-recording WILL affect the score of the performer.
- It is necessary to include the name, country, and program of the participant on the tape
- The order of the program on the video-recording has to match the order on the application submitted with the recording

General rules

- English shall be the main language of the competition
- The original package of the video recordings, application, and any other documents should be sent in one envelope/box.
- The deadline for receiving all submissions will be February 28, 2009
- Entry fee is not required.
- All competition materials will not be returned.
- Every participant must send a copy of the application to the e-mail of the competition.
- The organizing committee is not responsible for any copyright or authorship questions of the pieces used in the competition.
- The committee also reserves the right for displaying anything used in the competition on any media (television, radio, etc), or for any future purpose, without notifying the participant, and without any other payment including royalties.
- The results of the competition are final, and are not subject to disputes.
- Participants not adhering to the guidelines will be disqualified

Contact Information
Shpak International, Inc.
2218 86 street, 2nd floor
Brooklyn, New York, USA,
Tel.: + (917) 626-1510

(must be printed, in English)
Shpak-Prize 2008
2nd Bayan-Accordion International Competition
1) First Name:
2) Last Name:
3) Date of Birth: Date: _____ Month: ______ Year: _________
4) Country that the participant is representing:
5) Country that the participant is a citizen of:
6) Detailed description of the program:
7) Format of the video-recording: PAL/SECAM _________ NTSC________
8) Contact Information: Tel, Fax, E-mail, Website:
9) Detailed address and zip code

This is to certify that all the guidelines and rules are understood and agreed upon.
Signature: Date:

Additional documentation to the application
1) Video recording of the program
2) Copy of passport (Date of Birth, Citizenship, Photograph)
3) Photograph from the year 2008, signed on the reverse side
4) Short professional autobiography
6) One copy of all compositions used in the competition (can be sent over internet)

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